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Give your MQB-platform car a whole new lease of life.


When it comes to suspension upgrades at an affordable price, the compromise between performance and comfort has been a persistent dilemma for keen drivers for Golf 7, A3/S3 8V and the other VWG cars on the MQB-platform.

  • With the RacingLine Performance Sport Damper kit, which consists of two front and two rear Tri-Valve dampers, this dilemma becomes a thing of the past at an affordable price.   
  • Extensive development from our vast race set-up experience on the VWG MQB platform ensures superior road-holding and a positive transformation in handling characteristics, all achieved without compromising comfort
  • All of whichguarantees greater stability, control, and a beautiful taught ride quality - and therefore driving pleasure. And isn't that what it's all about?


MOTORSPORT QUALITY- Our motorsport suspension expertise allows us to build a high quality, fast-road orientated damper kit, developed exclusively for the MQB-platform.

NO DAMPER FADE- The addition of Nitrogen gas into the system eliminates oil foaming when the oil is hot, the main cause of shock fade. Our design limits the heat build-up internally, ensuring the oil performs for longer.

TRI-VALVE TECHNOLOGY- Ensures suitability of dampers for both standard and lowered cars, giving a taught, sporty feel during high speed cornering on smooth surfaces and comfort on uneven surfaces.

PERFECTLY MATCHED- The shock absorbers have a precisely matched damping curve to the VWR Sport Spring rate or to the original factory springs. Note that springs are not included with this kit.

DUAL TUBE DESIGN- Our sophisticated ride quality is guaranteed thanks to dual tube design and low pressure Nitrogen gas system.

QUALITY OIL- Longevity far exceeds the OEM units and many rival aftermarket dampers of similar value due to the higher quality oil used in the VWR Sport Dampers. 


  • Body and bracketry of the Sport Dampers are made of mild steel with shaft in hardened chrome finish.
  • Intelligent Tri-Valve technology sets our Sports Dampers apart from standard OEM dampers. 
  • Nitrogen gas fill eliminates oil foaming when the oil is hot, the main cause of shock fade.
  • Damper features three hydraulic valves: bump, rebound and a main valve, controlled by low and high-speed shaft frequencies (smooth and rough road conditions)


  • VW Golf 7 2013+ 5G
  • VW Golf 7 GTI 2013+ 5G
  • VW Golf 7 R 2013+ 5G
  • VW Golf 7 GTI ClubSport 2016+ 5G
  • Audi A3 / S3 2013+ 8V
  • Audi TT III 2014+ 8S
  • Audi TTS III 2015+ 8S
  • SEAT Leon III 2014+ 5F
  • Skoda Octavia III 2014+ 5E

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