Past projects

We at JabbaRacing have built many track/race cars over our many years in the industry,so we certainly do not lack in experience. Here is a small portfolio of a couple of our past projects so that you an get a better understanding of the quality of the service that we are able to provide.

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JabbaRacing Production GTi Championship MK5 Golf Build

There is a huge amount of work that goes into building a full on race car like the PGTi cars. We at JabbaRacing built over 10 of these cars so we've had plenty of practice and now use time tested methods and techniques to build the perfect car.

Here is a list of pretty much everything that goes into building one of these race cars:


  • AXX or BWA code engine.
  • Jabbasport custom remap to 260bhp (pgti regulation power).
  • K&N panel air filter in stock airbox.
  • Milltek sports cat and race exhaust system.
  • Standard serviced fuel system.
  • Full engine blueprinted rebuild/brand new vw engine/ or full service refresh depending on budget and requirements.
  • Stock k03 turbo and actuator.
  • Standard intercooler.



Jabbasport specification AST 5100 coilover kit Inc top mounts.

  • Superpro handling kit comprising of;
  1. Superpro superalloy lower arms
  2. Superpro ballpoints
  3. Superpro ARB kit
  4. Superpro race bush kit
  • Jabbasport blasted, zinc coated and powder coated rear subframe, arms, and hubs.
  • Vapor blasted front subframe.
  • All new tie rods, bolts, wheel bearings.
  • Team dynamics 7.5x17 wheels with Toyo R888r 225/40-17 tyres (wet and dry).
  • Jabbasport corner weighting, alignment and driver dependant setup.
  • Quaife limited slip differential.



  • Golf R32/Audi S3 345mm front brake calipers.
  • Standard plane faced, or DBA disk brakes.
  • Ferodo ds UNO racing brake pads.
  • Braided brake lines front and back.
  • Front brake cooling ducts.
  • Standard ABS system.
  • Racing brake fluid.



  • Jabbasport developed custom cages 6 point rollcage welded in house with approval certificates.
  • Lifeline plumbed in fire suppression system.
  • Cartek electronic cutoff and battery isolator.
  • Racing bucket seat.
  • 6 point racing harnesses.
  • Race steering wheel.
  • High visibility rear rain light.
  • Light weight battery re located inside the car.
  • MSA tow cables.


Other parts

  • Shell stripped back to a bare shell.
  • Unnecessary brackets removed from shell.
  • Wiring loom stripped of any unnecessary wiring and re wrapped.
  • All sound deading removed inside and underneath.
  • Underside stripped and painted.
  • Inside prepped and painted.
  • Ballast tray made for passenger side.
  • Dash board flocked (if requested).
  • Internal heater removed and small inline fan installed.
  • Jabbasport dash centre delete panel with any necessary switches.
  • Hardwired camera.
  • Aim datalogger.
  • Wrapping and graphics done by mks customs.


Team Moarwin Audi TT

This car came to us as an already heavily modified track car so some of the work had already been carried out. Hence us not mentioning any suspension work, stripping it out etc.

Here is a step by step list of everything that went into turning this TT from track to race car:

  • Remove existing engine from car and strip down.
  • BAM engine rebuild, all components acid cleaned, block clearance checked and honed then re assembled with forged rods and stock bam pistons with new rings, gaskets, bearings, bolts and seals, all exterior parts vapor blasted and powder coated if needed.
  • Head rebuild, all components acid cleaned, checked and re assembled with new exhaust guides, seals, supertech exhaust valves, gaskets, bolts and seals, all exterior parts vapor blasted and powder coated if needed.
  • Inlet manifold de burred and de shrouded round the injectors, then vapor blasted.
  • Fit customers supplied hybrid turbo and manifold.
  • Clean up engine bay and fit CSF radiator, then re install engine, re mount existing front mount intercooler and oil cooler, modify exhaust.
  • Remove rear diff driveshafts and propshaft to convert car to front wheel drive, remove and tidy wiring inside the car.
  • Install ECU master EMU Black, ADU7 dash, 8 button switch pad, ECU master GPS to can module and ECU master isolator.
  • Fit customer supplied extinguisher system.
  • Weigh car, run in on rolling road with running in mineral oil, then map to customers power to weight requirements.
  • General check over and check the cars readiness for scrutineering and racing.