JabbaSport Trust policy

The JabbaSport trust policy is a policy that has been put in place purely for customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Here at JabbaSport, it is important to us that our customers can buy products and services from us knowing that they can trust the quality and longevity of the product or service. We will only ever sell or use products that we know and trust.

The suppliers that we use are suppliers that have a strong history in their area and suppliers that are known worldwide for building high performing, long lasting products. Also, we have built a relationship with all of our suppliers and have worked alongside many of them across our years in the car industry.

The reason why we are so confident about the products and suppliers that we use for our customers cars, is that they are the same that we have used over the many years of racing history that we have and the same we have used on the thousands of street cars that we have built over our 23 years of trade. We are known in our area of the racing industry as a highly trusted, kind and helpful team and its known that we will do our best to help anyone in need of advice and assistance.

Cars aren’t our hobby; cars are our lifestyle.

Put in short, we hope that our customers will buy our services and products off our website knowing that the chance of any disappointment is extremely slim and that if anything was to happen, they know that our staff will be on the end of the phone and will do their best to sort any problems out and to ensure that you, the customer is satisfied by the service we have provided by the end of the situation.

Warranties and return policies

Each product and service that we offer, will have a different policy in place to give the customer piece of mind. Also, we do allow product returns if the product has not been used and, proof of purchase is in hand. If you have any queries about this subject, please call us on the number in the contact page on the website and we will be happy to help.