Here at JabbaSport, we pride ourselves that all of our maps are done properly and thoroughly, taking no short cuts during the process. Your car will be checked over properly before, during and after the mapping process to ensure that the engine and hardware is able to cope with the power gain. Its not just a case of load the software and send you on your way. We provide our customers with more assurance than this with data logging along the way.

We also do things a little differently when it comes to the 'stage' system of remapping. If your car is completely standard, then we will class this as a 'first stage' map. This means your car will not go on the dyno, as we will do the data logging out on the road. Unfortunately this means you will not get a dyno print-out, however we will give you a estimated figure. The price for this is £396.

If your car does have modifications, then it will get one of our famous 'custom remaps' on our in-house 2000bhp rolling road. This could be anything from exhaust and intake to fully built, high performing race engines. You'll get a dyno print-out with exact figures and piece of mind that your getting the most from your modifications, while also knowing everything under the bonnet is within its safety parameter. This is £496.


Not a problem! We most likely offer our mapping service for your car.

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