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The filter element is right at the heart of your RacingLine intake. It's a specialised, hand-made part developed for high performance and motorsport use. And, as with all the other parts on your car, the filter element deserves to be well looked after and be a part of your regular maintenance schedule.


This RacingLine Oil and Cleaner Kit is essential to help you keep your filter in peak condition at all times and ensure that the complex triple-layer foam continues to deliver its power and filtration benefits for many years.


It’s important that only this Oil and Cleaner Kit are used, as they've been specially formulated to work with our foam air filter material. 


As a general rule, when removing and re-fitting a RacingLine Air Filter (whether it's a panel filter or cold air intake), the following guidelines should be adhered to:

  • Air Filter kits are of great importance in providing the engine with the cleanest and correct volume of air. They should therefore be fitted and maintained with the utmost care and attention. Please make sure you have read and understood the process before starting on this.
  • If you are in any doubt, it is recommended that this work is carried out by persons possessing the necessary expertise i.e. a trained vehicle technician.
  • These instructions are for guideline purposes only and do not take into account any special features that may apply.
  • Regional and model variances do occur across the vehicles that this part is intended for, which may lead to some minor differences between descriptions and pictures shown in this document. If in doubt please contact your distributor.


NEVER use an unoiled or dry foam filter in your vehicle as this will significantly reduce the efficiency and may allow small dust particles to pass through without being trapped by the dust retention oil.



The Oil and Cleaner Kit (below) will help you keep your Trifoam filter in peak condition at all times and ensure that the complex triple-layer foam continues to deliver its power and filtration benefits for many years.


We have provided instructions on cleaning and maintenance below. It's a simple process, but please take time to read through, or ensure that your technician reads them, before you begin. We would suggest that you keep these notes with your car for future maintenance/owners. 

We recommend that the filter element is cleaned and reoiled every 10,000 miles/16,000 km, and/or a visual inspection at least every 6 months. This is a simple procedure, and will ensure that your filter continues to deliver the power improvements over a standard car. If your car is regularly used in a dry/dusty environment, we advise that you clean and re-oil your filter more regularly

If you don't clean your filter at the above intervals, no loss of filtration will occur, and your engine will still be fully protected. However, the performance advantages from the additional air flow of a clean filter will be lost.  You will also shorten the life of the filter element. 


Like all the other filters on your car, it's worth replacing the air filter element itself periodically. Rather than cleaning and re-oiling, lots of customers prefer to simply replace their filter element for what is a relatively low cost.

For the Trifoam filter, we recommend replacement after 2 years for optimum performance. Of course, the filter will last for a much longer period of time with correct maintenance and inspection for condition of foam as laid out below.