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ECU Master are proud to announce the new ECUMASTER Racing Dash family of products. They designed the ADU5 and ADU7 in response to market demand for a cost-effective dash display with logging capabilities. Their specific goal was to create a fully customizable, feature-rich, quality solution for competitive drivers. They have consulted professional drivers and race engineers and designed the ADU to exceed their requirements.

Above all, the ADU is designed to display all critical information in an easy to read manner, along with a comprehensive strategy for displaying alarms.

The Advanced Display Units are available in 5” and 7” versions. Both versions feature high resolution, high visibility anti-glare screens, guaranteeing perfect visibility in any lighting conditions. The ADU comes with multiple pre-configured pages, which can be customized by the end user to display data required at every race stage (e.g. practice, qualification, race, troubleshooting, etc.). Pages may be changed manually or automatically (based on defined conditions). Each channel displayed on a page (gauges, icons, texts, etc.) can be easily modified in real time using user-friendly Windows based software. Our comprehensive overlay system facilitates a multiple page display for important data (e.g. low oil pressure, best lap, etc.) independent of the actual page displayed.

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Temperature range

AECQ100 GRADE1 (-40 to +85˚C)

Reverse battery protection

Yes, internal

Operating voltage

6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637


IP 60, custom CNC machined aluminum


1 x 35 positions, AMP Automotive connector

PC communication

CAN BUS – Ecumaster interface, Peak or Kvaser

Display Type

TFT 800×480

Brightness of display

5″ – 600 cd/m2, 7″ – 1000 cd/m2


Analogue inputs

8 inputs, 10 bits, 0-5 V, software-controlled pull-up/pull-down 10K resistor. All analogue inputs can be used as a switch

Digital inputs

8 digital inputs, software-controlled input sensitivity (VR, Hall), software controlled 4K7 pull-up resistors, used for engine speed sensors, Flex Fuel, wheel speeds, turbocharger shaft speed. All digital inputs can be used as switches


2 low side outputs (switch to ground), up to 2A, 1 analogue output (0-5V) 10 bits

+5V Output

Monitored 5V output for powering external sensors


CAN Interface

2 x CAN2.0 A/B, 250, 500, 1000 Kbps

CAN streams


Serial communication

RS232 Rx/Tx, AiM protocols, Ecumaster, Hondata Kpro, Autronic


Used for logging to external USB memory


Light Emitting Diodes

15 ultra-bright RGB LEDs


3D accelerometer + 3D gyroscope for the analysis of vehicle dynamics

Real-time clock

Yes, battery powered

Light sensor

Yes, for automatic correction of brightness

Temperature sensor

Yes, for monitoring device temperature

-ADU7″ Autosport