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Here at JabbaSport we pride ourselves that our maps are done properly and thoroughly, taking no short cuts during the process. The cars are checked over properly before, during and after the mapping process to ensure that the engine is able to cope with the power gain. Its not just a case of load the software and send you on your way. We provide our customers with more assurance than this with data logging along the way.

The power figures below are dependent on fuel quality and many other conditions. We choose to therefore underquoted our figures so that the customer is not disappointed that their car did not reach the figure quoted. It is likely that your car may reach a higher figure than quoted.

STAGE ONE JABBAMAP 2.0 TDI 136 & 140 hp

Developed from our full custom remaps, this option gives an excellent power increase at affordable cost.  With years of custom remapping experience, we are able to offer an affordable option with all the drivability and smoothness associated with our stage 2 custom remap.






136-140 BHP

180 BHP

+40-44 BHP


320 NM

400 NM

+80 NM




STAGE TWO JABBAMAP 2.0 TDI 136 & 140 hp

This map requires a performance exhaust including downpipe and sports cat to be fitted before the map is applied.

This option is for people wanting the best possible power from their car. 

With many cars now having bold on modifications, the custom remap allows us to get the best from money already spent. Any modifications can increase the engine power but to release this potential fully, the engine management parameters need to be adjusted on our in-house rolling road.