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Luminous is a luxurious shampoo which uses advanced technology to help blend high quality waxes with our premium shampoo formula. Just like all our shampoos, Luminous will provide a very slick and bubbly foam to help your mitt glide over your paintwork. It is safe on other waxes and sealants but tough on dirt and grime. Luminous will help leave a protective waxed finish after your wash, perfect for a quick or top up wash.   - High wax content - Concentrated formula - Slick thick suds 

- Streak free gloss enhancing formula


- Simply add a couple of capfuls into half a bucket of warm water. - Agitate product with a pressure washer or hose until suds fill the bucket. - Use a wash mitt to gather suds and wipe down vehicle. - Once vehicle is washed use a pressure washer or hose to wash product away. - Top tip when washing we recommend the two bucket method.